SE: Riksförbundet Sällsynta Diagnoser
Samlar och stöttar patient-föreningar för små och sällsynta diagnoser. Här finns även Aortadissektion.

SE: Hjärt-Lungfonden
Information om Aortaaneurysm och Aorta Dissektion från Hjärt-Lungfonden

SE: Ågrenska – Aortadissektion vuxenvistelse

SE: Läkartidningen – Aortadissektion typ B – en multidisciplinär angelägenhet 

EN: Eurordis – Rare Diseases Europe
A non-governmental patient-driven alliance of patient organisations representing 667 rare disease patient organisations in 61 countries.

EN: The TAD Coalition
The Thoracic Aortic Disease (TAD) Coalition is a group of organizations and individuals who share a common mission of preventing premature deaths due to thoracic aortic aneurysm and dissection.

EN: European Society of Cardiology
Mission: to reduce the burden of Cardiovascular Disease in Europe, represents over 80,000 cardiology professionals.

EN: The John Ritter Foundation
The foundation is focused on thoracic aortic disease education, support, and research.

EN: The John Ritter Research Program in Aortic and Vascular Disease
The JRRP (The John Ritter Research Program) is led by  Dr.Dianna M. Milewicz, M.D., Ph.D., a recognized leader in aortic disease research and the President George H.W. Bush Chair in Cardiovascular Research.  Dr. Milewicz is also the Director of the Division of Medical Genetics at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston.  JRRP at UTHealth are working to prevent premature deaths due to thoracic aortic disease by improving diagnosis, treatment, and public awareness of this disease.

EN: National Organization for Aortic Awareness
The National Organization for Aortic Awareness is a voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating aortic diseases and raising public awareness, founded and run by Mr Robert F Epps.

EN: AorticDissection.com
Webpage by Brian S. Tinsley who survived a Type A dissection in 2003, survivor stories from hundreds of survivors and the largets link collection for AD related material in the world.

EN: Aortic Warriors
Local initiative in California USA with focus on going out in the daily life and informing the general public about the rare disease Aortic Dissection.


Odense Universitetshospital OUH (DK)
Aortadissektion – Om den medicinske behandling af en flænge eller rift i hovedpulsårens/legemspulsårens inderste karvæg Vi har udarbejdet denne pjece med henblik på, at du og dine nærmeste vil opnå en viden og indsigt i sygdomsforløb, pleje og behandling ved aortadissektion. Odense Universitetshospital Hjertemedicinsk Afdeling B

Medizinische Hochschule Hannover/ MHHnova (DE, EN)
Here you find “A Simple Guide to Thoracic Aortic Surgery” – a 56 page patient broschure from the Department of Cardio-Thoracic Transplantation and Vascular Surgery from the Hanover Medical School in Germany. Brochure is readable in both English and German languages.

American Heart Association (EN)
Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Patients With Thoracic Aortic Disease. ACC/AHA Pocket Guideline. Based on the 2010 ACCF / AHA / AATS / ACR / ASA / SCA / SCAI / SIR / STS / SVM March, 2010

Hjärt-Lungfonden (SE)
Den här skriften är en del av Hjärt-Lungfondens arbete med att sprida information om hjärt- och lungsjukdomar. Den behandlar aortaaneurysm. Skriften ger en bra information om aortan och är mycket läsvärd. På s.12 beskrivs Aorta Dissektion.

European Heart Journal (EN)
2014 ESC Guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of aortic diseases. Document covering acute and chronic aortic diseases of the thoracic and abdominal aorta of the adult. PDF. ESC Guidlines. European Heart Journal Advance Access published August 29, 2014.

Västerbottens Läns Landsting (SE)
Familjära aortadissektioner. Information till patienter och anhöriga. Denna information riktar sig till dig som har sjukdomen FAAD (Familjära AortaAneurysm och Dissektioner) eller är anhörig. Centrum för Kardiovaskulär Genetik. Norrlands universitetssjukhus UMEÅ. 2013.

Aortic Dissection Awareness Day September 19 (EN, PT, SE, ES, IT, DE)
The download site for high-resolution printable material for September 19 – Aortic Dissection Awareness Day. Here you find posters and flyers for about 40 countries and in many various languages. You can also find print originals for the awareness day t-shirts and other material connected to the Aortic Awareness Day. All material is produced under non-commercial licenses. The material is free to use for awareness for rare aortic diseases, and to give away for free. It is NOT allowed to use for sale of items, not for promotion of sale of items, not for any kind of soliciting or not for charities where people are asked to donate money.


17 personer i Skandinavien grundade tillsammans världens första ideella patientförening för patienter med Aorta Dissektion den 19:e sept. 2014. Våren 2015 har föreningen 58 medlemmar och växer stadigt. Föreningen är medlemmar i Eurordis på Europeiskt plan, och Riksförbundet Sällsynta Diagnoser i Sverige.

An international community for people living with rare diseases, on a plattform to help people meet from all over the globe. The community is written in five languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian. (EURORDIS and NORD has started Rare Connect).

An international community for people with aortic dissection placing their own position on a global map.

A global page for people living with Aortic Dissection about the awarenessday September 19.

Aortic Dissection Suport Group on Facebook (EN)
This is one of many supportgroups for aortic survivors on Facebook. This is the most active one, and it is a closed group. Active 24 hours per day, all days of the year with more than 1.000 members.



Norrlands Universitetssjukhus (SE)
Information om familjär Aorta Dissektion från Centrum för kardiovaskulär genetik.

Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset (SE)
Information om akut Aorta Dissektion från Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset.


EN: KAHN ACADEMY – What is Aortic Dissection
English animated film about aortic dissection by Kahn Academy.

EN: KAHN ACADEMY – Aortic Dissection Treatment
English animated film about how to treat aortic dissection by Kahn Academy.