Welcome to our patient association

You have found Aortadissektion.com, which is the home and official webpage for the nonprofit patient association Aortadissektion Föreningen Skandinavien, a public registered patient organization with members in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The association was founded as the world’s first non-profit patientassociation by seventeen (17) founders on September 19, 2014.

In 2023 we are over 200 members and the main focus is patients with aortic dissection, aortic anerurysms in the aorta as well as in  other associated branches connected to the aorta.

Since 2021 we are a member organization of the Swedish patient association for people with cardiovascular and lung disease. Swedish Heart and Lung Association is a Non Governmental Organisation that unites persons with cardiovascular and lung diseases. Their most important objective is to improve living conditions for persons with cardiovascular and lung diseases. They are a politically and religiously independent association; founded in 1939 and have been governed by its members ever since.